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Our in-house designers, space planners and architectural technicians are the best and most experienced in India. They work in a state-of-the-art studio with the very latest equipment and software.

By engaging you in a collaborative process, we are able to create a world-class workplace appropriate to your company’s individual office design requirements and budget.

Our office designers offer consultation and guidance on every aspect of a building’s interior and have expertise in all market sectors, from blue-chip organisations , healthcare, retail to f&b.

Good design in the workplace can elevate morale and improve productivity, promote the image and help reinforce a corporate identity. It can help to attract and retain a higher quality workforce.

Your fit out

Whether we are working with your chosen designer or working with our in-house design team, we provide quality fit out workmanship.


Let’s talk money

Our professional pre-contracts team will work with you to guarantee that your project is within your budget. Ensuring there are no surprises.

We guarantee that we will operate in a transparent manner. You will understand exactly what you are paying for and all items will be discussed with you as the process develops.

Getting your workspace on time

Our pre-contracts team will work with our construction team to develop a programme of works for your project to ensure we get you into your workspace on time. We’ll schedule any dates that are important for you, and early handover of essential areas if required.

Our site team

Our friendly construction team will be part of the project from conception to completion. They will coordinate with all teams involved to ensure an entirely holistic approach. We want your workspace refurbishment journey to be fun, professional and inspirational. We will ensure that your project exceeds your expectations every time, and that your new workspace is delivered how you want it, when you want it.


Our pro-active aftercare team will be there to support you in your new workspace for as long as you need them. A large proportion of our client base is repeat business, and we find this approach is the only long term means to ensuring a satisfied client that will use Kurk Interiors in the future

Workplace Optimisation

Poorly designed offices cost companies crores of rupees every year. Is your office optimised?

More and more companies are beginning to realise that, in order to be more successful, the role that the workplace plays for them has got to change.

Most companies are unaware of the huge cost savings and other benefits of workplace optimisation and are missing out. Generally, it will be the need to refurbish or relocate offices that act as the catalyst to consider workplace optimisation.

If workplace optimisation is approached correctly it should be exciting and rewarding. The prospect of creating a workplace that can save your company money on real estate costs and also boosts business performance, attracts and retains the best staff and is seen as the envy of your competition is exhilarating.

We judge project success on your ability to look back on a collaborative project and know that your new office design has had a fundamentally positive affect on the performance of your business.

Pre – lease review

We recognize the complexities and pit falls of leasing office space in Bangalore


Too often we find our clients have committed to an office space or workplace without a transparent understanding of the technical requirements and suitability to match your needs.

As part of our commitment to our clients, prior to the signing of a lease, we will work with your chosen real estate vendor to carry out a ‘pre-lease due diligence review’ of the premises on offer. This provides our clients with the opportunity to proceed with a full understanding of the commitment they are about to undertake.



We’ve been carrying out refurbishments for over 10 years and have developed unique processes to ensure that inside refurbishments are managed and undertaken in a way that minimizes disruption to your business.

A Spencer Interiors LLC refurbishment will rejuvenate your place, free up space and ultimately increases staff morale and productivity.

IT & AV Consultancy

The pace of technological advance means that we must be able to provide Clients with high-technology solutions.


We also appreciate that any shortcomings in our I.T & A.V. knowledge and capability today would be compounded tomorrow, when new technology offers even more ingenious ways to help run businesses.

From precision data cabling and cordless telephony, Video Conferencing, through to complex trading systems and remote networking, our I.T consultants, managers and their teams have become well known for providing accountable strategies that keep Clients in step with technology.